INO may of found its bottom.

NASDAQ:INO   Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc
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As you can see from the simple chart below. INO appears to be back on its path of growth it was on before it went Parabolic on the news that the DoD was buying $70m worth of Inovio vaccine injectors. They are submitting their Phase I trial data to peer reviewed journals (as it always does) on Monday. None of the other vaccine candidates in Operation Warp Speed have peer reviewed studies on any of their CVOID19 candidates.

This in combination with being accepted into Operation Warp Speed almost guarantees funding will be coming from Barda or CEPI as every other candidate in OWS has received. What you are seeing here is the MM manipulation knocking out scared retail to buy up the stock. For some context you can see MRNA chart behaved in a near exact way. Peeking at 31 a share on good news of a mouse study before the sell of to ~$18 and then slow steady climb to a ATH $91. INO also behaved in a similar fashion last month on pre-clicincal study where it rocketed the stock to $20 before it sold of back down to $13. This is classic Biotech market behavior.
Commento: Pretty sure stock was held down today so those July 2nd contracts would expire. Should see some good growth Monday on this alone. Peer review of their phase I trials start Monday. I think it will be a good week (July 6th) for INO
Trade attivo: Next resistance is $27. Profit takers from NVAX might be helping this drive. 1 day RSI is very cool and MACD is crossing. Should have no problem hitting $27.


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$INO was held down on friday as 8000+ calls at the 24 strike were hanging in open interest. Agree that we see 15-30% increase this week in anticipation of news. Potentially more gains if into the $40+ if we get funding or manufacturing partnership news. July and August shaping up to be positive.
Snipervest FindCold
@FindCold, That's where my money is at :) Good luck trader!
Absolutely agree, sentiment across retail investors has also left the price on a low. People were panic selling to see the profits realise sooner.
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