I think the price will go up till the square ''drawn'' zone on a long-term vision & hit several resistances at 0.984.From the major assets,after 2 years of non-trading the trader should see the current bottom level,without too much difficulties (Bearish Ha./Eng. Patterns) : it will (or could) bounce back at a marking phase thanks Fibonacci's Circles at a zonal retracement ''starting-up trend'' assumption (the well recognized base level,called lowest ''Resistance'' that will support the upcoming trend).

The revelead analisy at the start of the trend,''the stable ground level''( base of the price),rarely as seems to be shown,could have a Fibonacci retracement circle,and so after putting a line of 45°from the center of this (first) Fibonacci Circle (still likely drawn as a human artist,nearly,or traditionnally against a moderate view candle/candles (below,canonically in a seldom perspective,but statistically out of human performace following a costant inclination of upgrading and reaching,the ultimate perspective of human ability of being 100% ,(last but not the least ''miniaturized in the box'',for absurd,the reason of why 99% could not show up against ''strange but still comprenshive'' habits.,such as gaming attitude,laziness and not having the proper and-or not partial speaking abilty,is the real existance for absurd of a person with ''half brain'').

A person with the canonical temparament but with ''half brain'' should still aim,to be pronounced among a cosmopolitcal world,accepted,welcomed in society as well both parts in a traditional community seems always to aim for love,protection,values beside interests,of any type and origins or third part ''societies''.Which are still the same ideals for a community with the attention/warning for people with partial motorial talking but tremendiously perfoming incredibly higher than average,I would say,that a person halbrained, pronunced to be a trader or ''pro'' in price analisys,trading charts with or without the need of others could rarely and/or potentially be an investor.
Especcially in case of particular regions,as we approach the same kind of love,particulary for the Middle East region events,that are part in and out Palestine position and political case,the aim of absolut respect and conversation that is without limits of order,which is the key in the research for traditional European
Union glimpse of attention in schools,hospitals,universities represent the keygen to the limitless correlation principle of wealth.

So from the center of this circle,lets take half diameter,we will see 3 equal distances,till the next Fibonacci Circle(we ''drop'' the line to the center of the second circle).Finally we marked half of the trend (teorically,artistically and with the professional experience onto avoiding hitting several stop loss,based on proper investments abilties,knowledge,libraries...and much more) within the resistances of previous Gann Box lines,(from the ''center-circle'',the proprer base level zone the highest picked distance above the second Fibonacci circle),we have enough detail,for the outstanding 50% criteria of price analyze to reach the referment of a ''third candle''.The freedom to exists is thefreedom of speak,analize,observe,enlight and live togheter.
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