Verge has news this month

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
There are two reasons why I am bullish here:

a) Bitcoin seems to be bullish! This is the most important one! If Bitcoin decides to just drop hard, then this might be it and XVG might even drop harder.
b) Verge has news this month.

We are at a really low position right now. Verge showed how fast it can move. Still one or two days of sideways movement? Easily possible as it follows Bitcoin . But then again, I'm expecting a bullish trend afterwards. And together with news, this coin has high potential.

The least to expect would be an uptrend until MA200. This alone would mean over 10% plus in Satoshi (plus Bitcoin also raising).

Be aware that trading during sideways can go wrong really badly, really fast. And altcoins during these times have huge risks. It's up to you whether you go in or not and whether you put up stop-losses or not.


Hey man, also expecting a nice run on XVG, wondering what RSI indicator that is? looks good. let me know. thanks
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calumon Crypto_Gazz
@Crypto_Gazz, hey mate, the RSI is the typical RSI. Nothing special - looks different. I linked it already in related ideas. I made it open source so everyone can take it as favorite as they like.
@calumon, Thanks man
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A truly decentralized project working with some of the most talented minds – Why do I say this

Has anyone heard of RSK smart contracts? (The world’s most secure smart contract) They are a very well respected and well-funded project working with some of the world’s best scientists and engineers. RSK recognized the talent of Justin Vendetta (Verge dev) reached out to Verge so they can work together – how is that for credibility?
RSK will be integrated into Verge and as a result Verge will reap all of the technological benefits including

- Being able to deploy or build any dApp onto Verge (meaning here we have a project that is not only a privacy coin but will basically be able to do what Eherium does as well) – If you do your research you will see that RSK smart contracts will definitely be giving Etherium a run for its money as they are developing quite the superior tech.
- RSK will launch Lumino. A combination of the best features of Lighting and Raiden network – Before end of the year RSK hope to launch this which will allow for 20,000 transacitons per second

- Verge will also be able to achieve decentralized cross chain trading via Saturn network (which will run off RSK -

Why will Verge succeed?

The single most important mission for any project that has a working product is MASS ADOPTION – Verge is always moving forward with the intention of mass adoption – Apart from getting on new exchanges how does a project reach those who are outside of the crypo community? Verge has the answer to that as they have partnered with Token Pay who have acquired 9.9% of a German bank with the option to make full purchase pending regulatory approval (which is very close) TokenPay CEO has been working tirelessly with regulators in order to make sure that Verge, Litecoin and TokenPay debit cards will be released – For any challenge that they have faced a clear solution has been found and implemented.

What else is yet to come?

- New codebase (not to be underestimated) as it is stated it will be rivalling bitcoin’s codebase
- 3 NDA’s yet to be announced
- Revised Blackpaper (with additional 10-15 pages)
- Ring CT integration
- Official iOS wallet + updates
- I2P Android wallet
- Mining update
- New Vendors
- New exchanges
- Merchandise store

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