Crayons Grayons
Derived from - Its messy and experimental until stable version is released , now for testing purposes only
Note di rilascio: Improve in dynamics
Note di rilascio: Minor fixes
Additional MA
Cleaner signals
Note di rilascio: Input fix
Note di rilascio: :))
Note di rilascio: Trend fix
Note di rilascio: Improved signals
Simplified visuals
MA'S are turned off by default
Cleaned trend and on median and higher tf with minimal chop "Long first green - short first red" strategy have solid profit factor
Input menu have more unlocked customization options
Note di rilascio: Filtering is turned off by default now ,to use it open input menu
Note di rilascio: Code optimization
Note di rilascio: Added option for second trend coloring mode
Pro- Less chopy
Con- Later entries and exits

Note di rilascio: Bandaid for
Note di rilascio: Restructured inputs , made customization more accessible
Added Swing failure detection
Changed second ma
Engine improved and enriched by two more signals
Default mode is kept the same to avoid confusion, Open inputs to use new features
Note di rilascio: :)
Note di rilascio: Kek , last brushes
Note di rilascio: Forgot filling it seems
Note di rilascio: Heavily Improved SFP quality ,Again Changed default options to be more balanced
P.S its highly advisable to personalize/customize signal generation via input menu to match preferred tf
P.S.S Crayons Style options have broader commentaries for symbol meanings than input menu
Note di rilascio: :)
Note di rilascio: From now one every time Crayons is re added it will require the confirmation for default options, this is added as a measure to push people in exploration of features
Note di rilascio: It seems Input confirmation bugs out the mac
Note di rilascio: There is problems with some MacOS users that cant get input confirmation dialogue for some reason , rolling back the "welcoming" pop up until solution is found
Added short general indicators description at the bottom of input window ( In case there is someone who dont know where to find inputs - , )
Rimuovi dagli script preferiti Aggiungi agli script preferiti
All Tools
DM with desired script names for time based Trial
Reminder :We dont show tools using HA and there is no repainting.
Tips To Fuel Project:
BTC: 3NLCvh6Y4mcyygb7QUzwRxvahSGHJEiqTW
can i get a trial to test this out?
hey buddy, great work, would love to have the chance to demo this, looks great :) let me know if poss! keep up the good work
Can I have access to try this? would like to try the trial thx
can i have a shot :)?
@ccc123, Yeah sure leave me a dm and i add u on next rotation
+2 Rispondi
Nice update brother
+1 Rispondi
InSilico WildWestTrades
@WildWestTrades, Thx west
+3 Rispondi
Could I please have access?
Hey, can I have a trail?
@muhUSD, Yeah in bitmex u can have stop trail :D.... Dm with script list u want the 5day spin on
+3 Rispondi
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