[RS]Price Divergence Detector V2

UPDATE: added CCI to the list of oscilators.
Note di rilascio: Update code to pinescript version3. Added filtering options, divergences that are within parameters will be marked with a F label, price change is a absolute value.
Note di rilascio: fixed some erroneous calculations on how the divergences were detected and filtered.
Note di rilascio: • Added RSI Stochastic.
• Adjusted some inputs.
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HUGE contribution!! Thank you!!
Looks great. Is there any way to add alerts at all? Would appreciate your help, thanks
Is it possible to get the indicator earlier than 2 candles as in my observation it indicates on the 3rd candle?
Could you add Stoch RSI to divergences? It would be very useful.
can"t add to chart, anyone else?
Very nice!

How can i make it show each divergences at the same time? currently you can only choose one indicator at a time
@jinny1, add it 2 times to the chart and setup each script individually as you see fit
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Hi! Could you please describe what your script do and how it helps to trade?
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This is priceless!! Thank RicardoSantos!
Sir is there any way to get this indicator for MT4...
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