KAMA: Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average x2/Log

Calculation begins at the beginning of the bar, eliminating incorrect moving average weighting at the very beginning of the ticker you're watching. This is important for new stocks, futures , altcoins, etc.

The inputs for the fast/slow alphas are now normal integers, with the calculation (2 / (y + 1)) for alpha added after input.

Comes with two moving averages and a setting for geometric mean/log. Source is adjustable but using the close works best, especially with how this particular MA is calculated in the first place. Besides that, this is mostly the same as other KAMAs on TradingView, but I'd like to say I put a bit more care into this one.

It is important to know that the acceptable length for KAMA is within the boundaries of the alpha lengths. For example, the default lengths are 2 and 30 for alpha, so the acceptable length for KAMA is within 2-30.
Note di rilascio: Added custom resolution, labels for % away from KAMA
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