ALPHA: Reversal

What is a divergence?

In the case of strength and momentum indicators, it is when the price deviates from the movement of the oscillator, it can have significant implications for trade management.

Divergences in an uptrend occurs when the price makes a higher high but the indicator does not. In a downtrend, divergence occurs when the price makes a lower low, but the indicator does not. When a divergence is spotted, there is a higher probability of a price reversal.

Divergences helps the trader recognize and react appropriately to a change in price action. It tells us something is changing and the trader must make a decision, such as tighten the stop-loss or take profit. Seeing divergences increases profitability by alerting the trader to protect profits or open a position.

Divergences indicate that something is changing, but it does not automatically mean the trend will reverse. It signals the trader must consider holding, tightening the stop loss, opening a position or take profit.


The Alpha: Reversal is an indicator based off of the Stochastic , Relative Strength Index and Momentum indicator . Its sole purpose is to be able to identify divergences when they matter and identify high probability reversal areas. The formula used between the three indicators will be kept proprietary, in addition to the slight changes made on the Stochastic formula. The indicator plots the histogram with a divergence formula within a 14 period look-back on default. Additionally, there is a moving average of the histograms movement to identify the divergences when they matter.

Divergences exist on just about every candle, most of the time they are at a minuscule level. Rarely do the price and oscillator movement collude, the question becomes when do these divergences matter?

With that in mind I approached the task of finding a reliable reversal model. On default, the indicator has a moving average that measures the past histogram (the formula of the three indicators) movement to identify when a high potential trend shift may happen.

Keeping volatility in mind there is a feature called "Fixed Threshold" in settings. Various assets move at different speeds, so the indicator needs the ability to adjust to fit the assets speed. This "Threshold" option does not have a set of rules to use for each asset, the option is there though, so it may be adjusted by the analyst manually if the histogram moving average seems inaccurate due to volatility or lack thereof. In future publications (or possibly indicator updates) I plan on expanding on a fixed set of rules for various assets. This will take considerable time to research and backtest the various values needed for an asset's speed, so for now the default MA can be used until you are comfortable with adjusting the threshold level manually.

The look-back period on the histogram and threshold MA can be adjusted to whichever time period you would like. However, the default 14 is typically what is best considering the inputs of the three underlying indicators.


The indicator is actually quite simple to read. When the price spikes blue, there is a high probability of reversal, same goes for red but in the opposite fashion. Now as always, you should use this indicator as an analysis tool and not rely on it by itself. Many times Cryptocurrencies couldn't care less about strength or oversold/overbought and volume explodes out of nowhere, I highly recommend you use price action in addition to Alpha: Exhaustion and Alpha: Volume with this tool. Oh wait, Alpha: Volume is not out yet.... SOON. :)

Point is, use proper analysis techniques with this indicator, nothing is perfect. NOTHING. But the Alpha: Reversal is a great tool to use for not only the beginner trader, but the advanced also. There is a ton of ways to use this indicator beyond the high probability reversal areas, I am discovering some really neat patterns within my new formula that I plan on expanding on in future publications, i.e. dead cat bounces and relief candles plus a few more.


The Alpha: Reversal is a great analysis tool that I now use on all my charts, as time goes on I plan on holding classes for its users on a regular basis to expand on the various techniques that can be implemented in addition to publishing research relevant to its purpose.

Access to the indicator can be purchased on my site with either a monthly option for this & the Alpha: Exhaustion (, or a lifetime subscription independently. All updates and changes will be done automatically and included for every user. The Alpha series is designed to help you make your analysis easier to comprehend and more accurate, I really think this one will be enjoyed by many for years to come, I have enjoyed designing and using this immensely. As always, please make your own decisions when trading and use proper analysis techniques.

Note: The options within the Alpha: Reversal allow the indicator to be used on any timeframe & any asset. As with any indicator, the higher the timeframe, the higher the accuracy.

Nothing in this post is to be used or construed as financial advice. This post is meant as an educational post to explain the functions of the indicator.
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All posts are for educational purposes and are simply my views of markets conditions. At no point should you act or trade upon my posts or

Please do your own research and use my content to educate yourself.
hi, is there a way to just try it thanks ;)
I would like to try your indicator. Please allow me access. Thanks, John
goodday Sir,

Can i use your indicator please?

with kind reagards,

Your indicator looks very interesting as your educational work, do you offer trials by any chance? Thanks Nick.
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@c480303, I do not sorry.
Nice. Interested....
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Can you post a chart with Alpha: Exhaustion and Alpha: Reversal so we can see how they work together?
Nick_Core CScavotto
@CScavotto, Posted this below, here isn the 15 minute:
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did you add anyhin new excep color?
Nick_Core jroxinsas
@jroxinsas, Clearly.
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