If you see the market as a game between buyers and sellers, CRYPTO ECLIPSE is the EASY MODE.

Don't believe in any word I wrote, but please don't doubt about it until you TEST IT. Just go ahead and take your own conclusions, maybe this script changes your life, like it changed mine.

What would be like if you could see the markets through the eyes of a trader with many years of experience? (and If you are already this trader, you could add this as a live second opnion)
Imagine if you could consistently predcit buyers and sellers actions, attempts and rejections. That's what Price action technical analysis tries, but price action often feels like very subjective and to succeed and learn it, you will probably need at least 4 years of trading, winning and loosing to find consistancy, that's the process. CRYPTO ECLIPSE will show how you will see the market after this years spent, You''ll be skipping this years.

CRYPTO ECLIPSE is a setup that translates the market to you and give you the view of the market as it is, and not only how it was in the past. Differently from almost all other indicators i've seen in my life, CRYPTO ECLIPSE is a setup focused in PREDICT, not REACT. In my opnion that's why indicators not work well, they are too focused in the past, giving late decisions.

Truth be told, it's sounds good, but how do I use it?

I will explain you the main features, what you need to do is: Take some time to learn it, mess with the configs. Until you see the chart as you believe is the best predict scenario for the past, and then just sit and see how it will keep predicting the next moviments. Well, it works for me :)

Why am I renting this setup?
I am not. This is made for you to test for free, and for those who this setup makes all sense, we will build a small comunity around it. Just watch as we go, or Join us.

Before I forget, the setup is also a screener to track the 6 conditions above in the last 1-5 periods.

Main Features description:

BAR COLOR 2 = Strong Buyers domain(Candle's color)
BAR COLOR 3 = Strong Sellers domain(Candle's color)
BAR COLOR 0 e 1 = Fine Tuning(Advanced) There are 3 main ways to use it:
-Standard, following the same 2 and 3 bar colors.
-Changing both 0 and 1 bar colors. You can use Orange or pink or white colors for both 0 and 1, or other any color, try to use one that does not match with green or red for distinction. Consider the 0 and 1 bars as trend changing in course, or the breath of the market before a trend continuation (pullback).
Another option, that's indicated for Professionals only: change bar zero to dark green and 1 to a lighter red. This way you will see the gain and loose game in real time, take some time and you will see dark red going to lighter red will indicate a seller's weakness and the oposite for the buyers. If you are already a PRO, go ahead and play with these 2 options.


Note that BPD AND SPD are the same as EB and ES, I made this as a double entries so we can combine two different periods. If you look close you'll learn that the periods are related to the range of past periods you want to consider.
IF you pick a low period, it will show more signals, and it willl be more sensitive to the market changes. All the signals are real things that happened there, you will see that there was always a pullback or a consolidation, since this is very sensitive it's better to traders who want what's happening all the time
If you pick a high period, it will show less signals and with significant and strong movement, there are no guesses in this signals, if it did not proceed with a strong moviment, the opposite forces rejected their attempt.

Fit to your market point of view: Mess with the period numbers until you see the signals(arrows) where you understand is the best place to take a trade in the past, and watch it repeat the alert for you in the future, same as bar colors.
Note: If you want to enter only with big movements signals, use Stronger signals and high periods. if you want to try to get the movement begin, go with the early signals, using short periods.

Play with the configs until the chart give you the confidence you want to have to trade your money.

I don't recomend to use it with many indicators, if you add more than one indicator with this, you are probably insecure, and this will be useless to you.
But go ahead and add a trend indicator, if you are a trend trader or a oscillator, if you are a oscillator guy... Whatever you need until you feel confident.

Alway remember, this is only a tool. it's your decision, this is not a buy/sell indicator (maybe in the future), this is a tool to read the market. Always trade SPOT never FUTURES , always keep your stop loss as close as you can.

Enjoy the ECLIPSE
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