[STRATEGY][UL]Price Divergence Strategy v1.0

Created by Request: This is a trend trading strategy that uses Price Divergence detection signals that are confirmed by the "Murrey's Math Oscillator" (Donchanin Channel based).

Strategy Code Based on:
  • Price Divergence Detector V2 by RicardoSantos
  • UCS_Murrey's Math Oscillator by Ucsgears
Strategy Risk Management Based on:
  • Strategy Code Example by JayRogers
Information on Divergence Trading:

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This is a very nice indicator.
Is it repaint?
+11 Rispondi
Does this repaint?
+9 Rispondi
Hi JustUncleL, this is amazing. Is there anyway I can try it on MT4? Thanks.
+1 Rispondi
@-Juju-, Sorry TV Pinescript is not compatible with the MT4 platform.
@JustUncleL Is there a way to run this on futures? It seems that it only allows trades on equities. Thank you!
+1 Rispondi
Thanks for this. One issue, the compiler thinks the trailing offset set to zero means zero (not na).. thats why all your your buy exits shown above are happening at precisely the high of the candle.
Hi, would you be able to add alerts to your code? Would be great to be notified when there's a reversal or divergence. I'm pretty new to trading and don't know if this would need to be done on your end. When I go to alerts there isn't an option for your script. Unfortunately most of my trading is done on the road and I'm not able to look at charts all day.
Thanks, Steve
@duk20, Sorry, Alerts cannot currently be added to a BackTest Strategy script.
duk20 JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, No problem Thank you for responding.
When you use the replay feature, the labels appear two candles AFTER the divergence has taken place. So it doesn't seem like you can use this. By the time the signal comes up its too late
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