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// This is a simple combination of integrated and published scripts, useful
// if you don't have a PRO account and want to bypass the 3 indicators limit.
// It's quite similar to my previously published script. The only exception is
// Money Flow Index that now replaces Directional Movement Index. RSI ,
// Stoch . RSI and MFI combination is a good way to identify oversold and
// overbought conditions and possible trend reversals, and to avoid false
// signals often provided by each of these 3 indicators, individually considered.
// CM_Williams_Vix_Fix provides further informations useful as a supplement
// to RSI-Stoch.RSI-MFI analysis, especially to find market bottoms.
// This script includes:
// 1) Stoch . RSI
// 2) Relative strenght index ( RSI )
// 3) Stochastic + RSI , Double Strategy (by ChartArt)
// 4) CM_Williams_Vix_Fix Finds Market Bottoms (by ChrisMoody)
// 5) Monetary Flow Index ( MFI )
// For more details about 3) and 4) check the original scripts.
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Hi, this is awesome strategy. do you have a plan to make an alert??
Bezzus hyeonnnu
@hyeonnnu, hi thanks for the appreciation! No, not really. Instead I recently remade this script in study version and removed the double strategy code that didn't work quite well indeed.

At the moment I don't plan to create fully working strategies with alerts, but only custom studies. If you like my works feel free to follow me. Someday in the future I'll start to create strategies also.
Agreed... excellent job @author GianlucaBezziccheri. Mucho Gracias
This is gold, thank you
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