RocketScalper Long/Short Indicator

About the Rocketscalper Indicator

  • Was initially made by Rocket, PM, Hav0c, LiteralMonkey and PrimetimeBart.
  • It's our most used and advanced long/short indicator script so far, with over 450 users
  • Was first published in December 12, 2018.
  • It had 3 iterations, this is the 4th.
  • It has been continuously updated throughout the past year and as long as the market doesn't shift completely, it'll stay updated and giving good outputs.
  • It works by merging 3 oscillators and then checking the market balance between sells and buys to give you the final output.

Main notes about the 4th iteration:

  • RSI and Moving Averages back into the filtering conditions (for a while we removed it due to signal spam or trying to make a holy grail and i think we took steps back by doing that so they're back in)
  • Wavetrend settings closer to neutral
  • Loosened conditions on Godmode
  • Price Oscillator Changes
  • Added TakeProfit and StopLoss conditions editable for users
  • Turned the scalper more neutral with a slight long bias for the upcoming trend

Has several outputs on the chart that you can activate/deactivate

  • Long / Short Signals
    Self Explanatory - It suggests you should long or short the asset.
  • Show Price Oscillator signals
    It'll output long/short signals based on the Price Oscillator .
  • Show Stop/ Support/Resistance warning
    A warning label will pop-up when the trade is going against you. It's good to use as alerts, other than that, I wouldn't read much into it.
  • Plot Stop/ Support/Resistance levels
    It'll plot resistance and support horizontal lines in case you need guidance in your stops
  • Use background for Highlighting
    It changes the background to red/green (or a color of your choosing) when its about to output a signal.

You also have, on the inputs tab, text inputs that you can edit such as:

  • Price Gain for Take Profit 1 and 2
    Horizontal line (If you usually get at out at positive 50 points, put 50 in here and a line will plot once you get there) - Good for alerts.
  • Initial Stop Loss Percentage
  • Amount of $ Away from entry to Move SL After TP1
  • Trailing Stop Loss

Should I use it on all timeframes and all pairs?

For access, please DM us or visit the link below in our Signature.
Note di rilascio:
  • Fixed max_bar error.

That's all.

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