CCI Breakout Trader

Works well on Bitcoin or most altcoins on a 15min chart or higher.

What is this exactly?

This is an indicator that uses horizontal RSI + EMA lines with a CCI line on top of it to provide optimal entry and exit positions for trading. There is also a breakout indicator based on the width of Bollinger Bands .

How to use:

If the blue stream passes upwards on the red heading to the white - it's heading towards a good BUY signal. To be safe you wait until it passes above the white line, then BUY LONG. Another signal to buy long is when the blue stream passes above the white and green lines.

Selling is essentially the opposite, if the blue stream is passing down from the green or white lines, then it's time to sell and exit your trade.

If you need help knowing when to enter and exit a trade the indicator will draw a grey candle on your chart to signal it's time to exit a long trade and it will draw a purple candle when it's time to enter a long.


Breakout alert:

If you see a green vertical bar it's a warning that there is a potential breakout in price coming for whichever coin you are looking at. The price breakout could go either direction, so make sure you watch the blue stream.


Important tips:

The direction of the green/white/red lines are important - if they are heading down that means it might not be the best time to enter your trade, even if the blue stream crosses up on the red and/or white lines.
The colored horizontal lines are there to let you know if the blue stream is near the bottom of those lines (anywhere from hline 15 to 50) and heading upwards, you will more likely have a longer positive trade. If the blue stream is above 60 hline and it looks like a good trade (passing up on the red and white lines), expect to have a shorter trade.

I use this for swing trading various crypto currencies, once you learn how to read it, you can catch amazing uptrends really early and you can exit trades before some big drops happen.
Script open-source

Nello spirito di condivisione promosso da TradingView, l'autore (al quale vanno i nostri ringraziamenti) ha deciso di pubblicare questo script in modalità open-source, così che chiunque possa comprenderlo e testarlo. Puoi utilizzarlo gratuitamente, ma il riutilizzo del codice è subordinato al rispetto del Regolamento. Per aggiungerlo al grafico, mettilo tra i preferiti.

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