Hi-Lo World

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This script plots the highs/lows from multiple timeframes onto the same chart to help you spot the prevailing long-term, medium-term and short-term trends.

List of timeframes included:
  • Year
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • 4 Hour
  • Hour
You can select which timeframes to plot by editing the inputs on the Format Object dialog.
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study("Hi-Lo World", overlay=true)

y_color = red       // Color used to plot yearly highs/lows
m_color = purple    // Color used to plot monthly highs/lows
w_color = blue      // Color used to plot weekly highs/lows
d_color = aqua      // Color used to plot daily highs/lows
h4_color = green    // Color used to plot 4-hourly highs/lows
h_color = lime      // Color used to plot hourly highs/lows

plot_y = input(title="Year", type=bool, defval=true)        // plot yearly highs/lows
plot_m = input(title="Month", type=bool, defval=true)       // plot monthly highs/lows
plot_w = input(title="Week", type=bool, defval=true)        // plot weekly highs/lows
plot_d = input(title="Day", type=bool, defval=true)         // plot daily highs/lows
plot_h4 = input(title="4 Hour", type=bool, defval=false)    // plot 4-hourly highs/lows
plot_h = input(title="Hour", type=bool, defval=false)       // plot hourly highs/lows

// Get highs/lows
high_y = security(tickerid, "12M", high)
low_y = security(tickerid, "12M", low)
high_m = security(tickerid, "M", high)
low_m = security(tickerid, "M", low)
high_w = security(tickerid, "W", high)
low_w = security(tickerid, "W", low)
high_d = security(tickerid, "D", high)
low_d = security(tickerid, "D", low)
high_h4 = security(tickerid, "240", high)
low_h4 = security(tickerid, "240", low)
high_h = security(tickerid, "60", high)
low_h = security(tickerid, "60", low)

// Plot highs/lows
high_y_plot = plot(plot_y ? high_y : na, color=y_color, linewidth=4)
low_y_plot = plot(plot_y ? low_y : na, color=y_color, linewidth=4)
high_m_plot = plot(plot_m ? high_m : na, color=m_color, linewidth=3)
low_m_plot = plot(plot_m ? low_m : na, color=m_color, linewidth=3)
high_w_plot = plot(plot_w ? high_w : na, color=w_color, linewidth=2)
low_w_plot = plot(plot_w ? low_w : na, color=w_color, linewidth=2)
high_d_plot = plot(plot_d ? high_d : na, color=d_color)
low_d_plot = plot(plot_d ? low_d : na, color=d_color)
high_h4_plot = plot(plot_h4 ? high_h4 : na, color=h4_color)
low_h4_plot = plot(plot_h4 ? low_h4 : na, color=h4_color)
high_h_plot = plot(plot_h ? high_h : na, color=h_color)
low_h_plot = plot(plot_h ? low_h : na, color=h_color)
fill(high_y_plot, low_y_plot, color=y_color)
fill(high_m_plot, low_m_plot, color=m_color)
fill(high_w_plot, low_w_plot, color=w_color)
fill(high_d_plot, low_d_plot, color=d_color)
fill(high_h4_plot, low_h4_plot, color=h4_color)
fill(high_h_plot, low_h_plot, color=h_color)
Awesome! I had a similar idea a month ago, but my code sucks big time compared to your cool script. Here is what I have made:
this is really cool, I have analyzed my charts exactly like this for some time now, the scripts is awesome, great work!
WinkyTwinki Iou1melon
You're welcome. Glad you find it useful :)
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