Collaboration Highlight:
This was a collaboration with @Chart_School and @KioseffTrading Thank you to both, along with Ricardo Santos for his awesome library we used.

See how you view different time frame charts with one indicator and little to no adjustment.

The concept of using Anchored VWAP (AVWAP) with time events is a powerful technique in trading and technical analysis. Anchored VWAP differs from the traditional Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) by allowing traders to select a specific starting point or "anchor," from which the VWAP calculation begins. This approach is particularly useful for assessing price movements in relation to significant market events or specific periods of interest.

Utility and Flexibility:
Explaining the flexibility in turning on and off different time slices without much adjustment showcases a user-friendly design.

Key Uses and Benefits

Comparative Performance:
Anchoring the VWAP at the start of different time frames (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly) enables traders to compare the current price performance against previous periods. This comparison can highlight trends or shifts in trading momentum relative to past activity.

Support and Resistance Levels:
AVWAP lines can act as dynamic support and resistance levels. When anchored to significant time events, these levels gain additional relevance as they reflect the market's valuation of an asset since a notable point in time. Traders often watch for price interactions with these levels to make informed trading decisions.

Risk Management:
Anchored VWAP can serve as a benchmark for setting stop-loss orders or profit targets. By considering the price's relation to the AVWAP of a specific period or after a key event, traders can define exit points that are aligned with market-generated information.

Trend Confirmation: The direction and stability of the price relative to an anchored VWAP can indicate the strength of a trend. If the price consistently remains above an AVWAP anchored at a bullish event (or below for a bearish event), it may confirm the trend's continuation.

Further Reading
Educational Resource:
Becuase we are using Volume with a relation to price AVWAP is very powerful to show data that cannot be eye balled on its own. Brian Shannon's book "Maximum Trading Gains With Anchored VWAP - The Perfect Combination of Price, Time & Volume", is an excellent guide to best practices on how to use AVWAP to your advatage while trading. His book goes into depth about the best way to use this indicator to its fullest potencial.

Tips for Using This Indicator
Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Settings:
All the settings for the lower timeframe charts are similar. Here is an example of seeing a Weekly AVWAP for 6 weeks, showing:

1. The start of the 6-week AVWAP is using a High Low Close source for the first candle of the 6 weeks.

2. The lines are colored "Red" for the AVWAPs.

3. The line thickness is "1".

Yearly Settings
Simlair to the other settings with the Yearly we give you a couple more options along with 3 years to toggle on and off. The idea was to allow the user to see which AVWAP most effected by price and quickly toggle them on and off to unclutter their chart.

Watch for how and if the labels over lap and choose the one you feel is most in play. In Shannon's Book he talks about "Hand off's" and "Pinches". These concepts are easy to spot with being able to see all the Major Time Events, then simply toggle off the one you dont need.

A great benefit to how we coded this script you can buzz through a watch list without having to re-adjust the Anchor points. This will save you time if following a basket of symbols and show coorlations in the overall market.

Secret Feature
When looking at these becuase the user doesn't need to hand plot the anchor points and we are fouced on major time slices, I encourge you to use the Trading View "Bar Replay" Feature. You think that you are missing a high or low AVWAP but what is happening is the indicator is re-plotting a level that is super hard to see, then you will see the hand-offs like Shannon discusses in his book. This blew me away while we were discussing it post development.

There are so many uses of how to use VWAP and therories on its best practice. We are only using "TIME EVENTS". For more ways to use AVWAP, I would encourge you to also handplot them with Trading View's new "Anchored VWAP", as seen in the standard toolbar.

Using your ideas along with this indicator i think its a powerful combination.

Also Check Out: allanster's - Anchored VWAP Pinch & Handoff, Intervals, and Signals
He has a great AVWAP script that incorporates many AVWAP ideas.

Script open-source

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