Normalized CCI Divergence Strategy

Strategy Overview:
This script takes the Commodity Channel Index and normalizes the equation to be read easier by the user. Bullish , Bearish , Hidden Bullish , and Hidden Bearish divergences are identified and displayed in the underlay. Hidden Bullish and Hidden Bearish are turned off by default, but can be turned on in the user settings. The strategy itself signals long or short based on the appearance of these divergences in addition to previous CCI values being above or below a threshold. *Shorter timeframes such as 5M are recommended.* Take profit, stop loss, and trailing percentages are also included, found at the bottom of the Input tab under “TT and TTP” as well as “Stop Loss”. Make sure to understand the TP/SL ratio that you desire before use, as the desired hit rate/profitability percentage will be affected accordingly. This strategy does NOT guarantee future returns. Apply caution in trading regardless of discretionary or algorithmic. Understand the concepts of risk/reward and the intricacies of each strategy choice before utilizing them in your personal trading.

Profitview Settings
If you wish to utilize Profitview’s automation system, find the included “Profitview Settings” under the Input tab of the strategy settings menu. If not, skip this section entirely as it can be left blank. Options will be “OPEN LONG TITLE”, “OPEN SHORT TITLE”, “CLOSE LONG TITLE”, and “CLOSE SHORT TITLE”. If you wished to trade SOL, for example, you would put “SOL LONG”, “SOL SHORT”, “SOL CLOSE LONG”, and “SOL CLOSE SHORT” in these areas. Within your Profitview extension, ensure that your Alerts all match these titles. To set an alert for use with Profitview, go to the “Alerts” tab in TradingView, then create an alert. Make sure that your desired asset and timeframe are currently displayed on your screen when creating the alert. Under the “Condition” option of the alert, select the strategy, then select the expiration time. If using TradingView Premium, this can be open-ended. Otherwise, select your desired expiration time and date. This can be updated whenever desired to ensure the strategy does not expire. Under “Alert actions”, nothing necessarily needs to be selected unless so desired. Leave the “Alert name” option empty. For the “Message”, delete the generated message and replace it with {{strategy.order.alert_message}} and nothing else.

Script protetto
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