This is a simple Renko Strategy. The settings used were for Traditional (1.2) bars, tested on $SPX500USD. Around 70% profitable depending on timeframe, and bar size selected. Adjust the capital and suggested contract system depending on needs. The colored bars seen show blue for overbought conditions and pink for oversold conditions. If you like this strategy, please like and +rep!
Oct 22
Note di rilascio: Modified colored bar logic for overbought/oversold conditions.
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Great strategy and indicators to complement your Renko strategy. It is working really well for me on a variety of tfs and box settings depending on market conditions and whether I am scalping or swing trading.
simple strategy with high probability setups using renko candles. Used script today to profit $5300 Emini futures. Thanks GeekMan!
GeekMan Masterk15
@Masterk15, Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your results! Keep using this indicator and I will try to roll out updates as soon as I have them ready :)
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