Daylight Saving Time [Open Source]

Are you tired of manually tracking daylight saving time transitions on your trading charts? Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a smarter approach with our innovative indicator.

Designed to streamline your trading experience, this indicator automatically detects and highlights the exact moments when daylight saving time shifts occur, ensuring you stay on top of time changes without the hassle.

Key Features:
  • Customizable Display: Choose between two distinct display modes - "Flag" or "Emoticons" - to suit your visual preference and enhance your chart's clarity.
  • Global Compatibility: Tailor the indicator to your region by selecting your country for daylight saving time calculations. Choose from popular options like the European Union (EU) or the United States and Canada (US_CA).
  • Seamless Transitions: No more guessing when daylight saving time starts or ends. Our indicator will automatically mark the transition points, helping you to avoid costly trading mistakes due to incorrect time calculations.
  • Background Coloring: Elevate your chart's visibility by optionally coloring the background during the transition periods. With a simple toggle, you can make sure you never miss an important shift.

Experience a new level of trading precision and accuracy with the "Daylight Saving Time Indicator". Take control of your trading strategy by focusing on the market instead of time changes. Try it now and witness the difference it makes in your trading routine!

About Daylight Saving Time:
Daylight Saving Time (DST) is a practice observed by many countries to make better use of daylight during the longer days of summer. The EU and California (US_CA) have specific rules for DST transitions:

EU DST Rules:
  • DST begins on the last Sunday of March.
  • DST ends on the last Sunday of October.

US_CA DST Rules:
  • DST begins on the second Sunday of March.
  • DST ends on the first Sunday of November.

About the code
The code is briefly commented. Please feel free to use or further customize it ... And, of course, I would be happy to be named and/or linked. If you're satisfied, maybe buy me a coffee ;-)
I'm curious to see how this indicator will develop with more ideas - Please keep me updated by commenting below or by sending me a message.

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