Waddah Attar Explosion V2 [SHK]

Hey everyone
I have modified Waddah Attar Explosion indicator to work in low price markets like crypto as well as any other market. So now the DeadZone line is based on ATR instead of a fixed number. Nothing more changed and all credits goes to it's MT4 developer and LazyBear (Main Script Link).
Hope you enjoy!

Read the main description below...
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This is a port of a famous MT4 indicator. This indicator uses MACD/BB to track trend direction and strength. Author suggests using this indicator on 30mins.

Explanation from the indicator developer:

"Various components of the indicator are:

Dead Zone Line: Works as a filter for weak signals. Do not trade when the red or green histogram is below it.

- Red histogram shows the current down trend.
- Green histogram shows the current up trend.
- Sienna line shows the explosion in price up or down.

Signal for ENTER_BUY: All the following conditions must be met.
- Green histo is raising.
- Green histo above Explosion line.
- Explosion line raising.
- Both green histo and Explosion line above DeadZone line.

Signal for EXIT_BUY: Exit when green histo crosses below Explosion line.

Signal for ENTER_SELL: All the following conditions must be met.
- Red histo is raising.
- Red histo above Explosion line.
- Explosion line raising.
- Both red histo and Explosion line above DeadZone line.

Signal for EXIT_SELL: Exit when red histo crosses below Explosion line.

All of the parameters are configurable via options page. You may have to tune it for your instrument.
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any way to add the alert when all conditions are meet?
even with the default settings this indicator is very good! thanks for sharing!!!
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@aes0n, Your welcome man ;)
top notch bro...
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@perx,As you dude
Fantastic as always. Good job dude!
shayankm TopTradersGuide
@TopTradersGuide, My teammates in TopTradersGuide always support me.. Thank you mate
Great!, can we set alerts for this?
shayankm dpanday
@dpanday, Thank you mate, you need to do some modification on source for alert.
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