Multiple MA + Bollinger bands + Ichimoku cloud

This is an extension of my previous script 'Multiple MA', now featuring also an Ichimoku Cloud and Bollinger bands .

More, I added more functionality to the integrated Bollinger bands script, that by default use only Standard Moving Average to plot the bands. With this script you can plot Bollinger bands using the MA you prefer from the ones included in the 'Multiple MA' script ( SMA , EMA , WMA , VWMA and Hull MA), allowing you to better fit your preferences.

About Ichimoku cloud I choose to enable by default only the cloud and the lagged price, which I consider the most useful components of this indicator, however you can enable each component from the settings.

I tried to make 3 indicators fit well with each other using some graphical customization (It works quite well with dark background). However keep in mind that i made this script as much customizable as possible, letting you enable and disable each one of the components from the plot. So you can take advantage of the whole indicators, and in case, clean the plot when you feel it's too much full of drawings and lines.

Please show me your support if you like the script, and find it useful, thanks!
Note di rilascio: Updates:
- Script updated using the code of Multiple MA V2
- Cleaned settings menu. Now it has less entries
- Added 2 new MA type: Arnaud Legoux and Least squares
- Can use the new MAs to plot Bollinger Bands
Note di rilascio: Updates:
- Added the possibility to plot up to 2 FRAMAs (plots separate from the other MA)
- Possibility to plot Bollinger bands using FRAMA (dedicated entry into settings window.
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