GAP DETECTOR is an indicator displaying price gaps that have never been completely filled (only gaps >= 5 pips are considered).
Each gap is defined by two lines (the lower and upper bound of the gap), and a label giving information on its price range

length: the number of candles being considered in the indicator (max is 3000).
width: the width of the gap lines.

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Asch, love the script!....anyway to have it work so that I can run an intraday chart, like the 5 minute timeframe and see the daily gaps?
Asch- donnycf
@donnycf, thanks for the comment. Yes it should work on any timeframe you want. Here is an example of a gap in a 5min timeframe ( ) on CHFJPY 04th May. You may have to increase the "length" parameter in order to see older gaps.
really useful , internal server study error needs to be fixed pls
Asch- ChartsMechanic
@ChartsMechanic, Thank you. Please try to lower the length parameter (For instance length = 500).
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@Asch-, doesn;'t work, still same error
Asch- ChartsMechanic
@ChartsMechanic, On what chart are you using this indicator?
thanks for this
Thanks for this wonderful codes.
I was looking to have codes for showing price range on charts something like
can we add fill between two lines? Is it possible to get connected over the phone? my whatsapp number is +919920484444
psghai psghai
was trying to understand if this could be of any help?

hline(3.14, title='Pi', color=blue, linestyle=dotted, linewidth=2)

// You may fill the background between any two hlines with a fill() function:
h1 = hline(20)
h2 = hline(10)
fill(h1, h2)
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Asch- psghai
I would love to fill the gaps with a rectangle instead of two lines. However, I haven't found the solution yet. It seems like you cannot use fill function with object... And the problem with hline is that it fills the background between hlines for the entire chart, you cannot specify a starting x
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