Triangular moving average (or Saucius) Bands v2

Two bands are designed around the triangular moving average (see sauciusfinance altervista for further references).

Bands based upon triangular bands are more precise and quicker than those which use Bollinger’s method ( simple moving average ), Keltner’s one, Highs and lows and so on.
Just enter long when prices cross over “middleband” and go short viceversa. As filter, the color of the signal’ candle (green/red, i.e. close minus open) must be coeherent with your next position (price shall go down if you want to go short and viceversa).

Upper and lower bands are the target: close the position when price undergo the upper band (or High band) in case of long and when price overcome the lower one (Low band) in case of short. Frequently price have a retracement towards middleband: for being safe, open another long position again (after the previous one) if the close is higher than the upper band (lower than the lower band in case of short).

K is only a factor to determine the distance of the middleband to the lower one (since Big stock markets tends always to grow, short is less interesting).

You can use my indicator in all temporal frame for many (not all!) financial instruments.

For a quick (but not hysteric) trading, use graph 30′ to open position, and wait the next bar for a confirm. As second filter, simply open position coerehent with the daily graph (I meanif in daily desk signal is long, do not open short position in the 30 minutes’ one).

Blue lines are the fixed exiting prices (stop loss / target profit) while bands are coloured.
Enjoy them!

Contact me for any questions about the code
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