OneThingToRuleThemAll [v1.4]

This script was created because I wanted to be able to display a contextual chart of commonly used indicators for scalping and swing traders, with the ability to control the visual representation on the charts as their cross-overs, cross-unders, or changes of state happen in real time. Additionally, I wanted the ability to control how or when they are displayed. While looking through other community projects, I found they lacked the ability to full customize the output controls and values used for these indicators.

The script leverages standard RSI/MACD/VWAP/MVWAP/EMA calculations to help a trader visually make more informed decisions on entering or exiting a trade, depending on their understanding on what the indicators represent. Paired with a table directly on the chart, it allows a trader to quickly reference values to make more informed decisions without having to look away from the price action or look through multiple indicator outputs.

The main functionality of the indicator is controlled within the settings directly on the chart. There a user can enable the visual representations, or disable, and configure how they are displayed on the charts by altering their values or style types.

Users have the ability to enable/disable visual representations of:
  • The indicator chart
  • RSI Cross-over and RSI Reversals
  • MACD Uptrends and Downtrends
  • VWAP Cross-overs and Cross-unders
  • VWAP Line
  • MVWAP Cross-overs and Cross-unders
  • MVWAP Line
  • EMA Cross-overs and Cross-unders
  • EMA Line

Some traders like to use these visual indications as thresholds to enter or exit trades. Its best to find out which ones work the best with the security you are trying to trade. Personally, I use the table as a reference in conjunction with the RSI chart indicators to help me decide a logical trailing stop if I am scalping. Some users might like the track EMA200 crossovers, and have visual representations on the chart for when that happens. However, users may use the other indicators in other methods, and this script provides the ability to be able to configure those both visually and by value.

The pine script code is open source and itself is fairly straightforward, it is mostly written to provide the ultimate level of control the the user of the various indicators. Please reach out to me directly if you would like a further understanding of the code and an explanation on anything that may be unclear.

Enjoy :)
Script open-source

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