DepthHouse Relative Momentum Range Oscillator

DepthHouse Relative Momentum Range Oscillator uses several calculations between the relative momentum and range to help determine trend direction and strength.

Breakouts above the adjustable horizontal zone often serve as a bullish confirmation, while breakout below the horizontal zone often serve as a bearish confirmation.

Crosses of gold and yellow signal line represent trend consolidation and/or possible reversal zones.

How to get:
As you can see this is an invite only script. In the coming month this indicator, along with many others will become pay to use only. (website on my profile page)
However all my indicators will be FREE until May 1, 2018. So please try them out!
To take advantage of this FREE trial:
1. Leave comment on this indicator post! Maybe even give me a follow :D
2. Check out and take advantage of all my other indicators!

I hope you all enjoy!


Signals Beta:

Both functions give possible buy and sell signals shown by the circles in the middle. The strength of the signal is shown by the circle size. The larger the circle, the stronger the signal.
This feature is in beta testing is not advised to trade off of.
Altering the Multi-Factor will adjust the dotted signals at the bottom.

This is a heavily modified version of my DepthHouse Envelope Oscillator

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Request a FREE 30 Day Trial at DepthHouse.com
Hi, please grant access. Thanks
me too please
and wondering after 7days trial , how can i extend it?
Hi, sounds like a great job :)

Can I have access please?

Hi, sounds like a great job :)

Can I have access please?
oh92 CryptoSec1
@CryptoSec1, definitely! you have access to all of my indicators for 7 days! be sure to check out my Volume Weighted Support and Resistance as well!
Appreciate you making trial available to us. Please add me to script.
Made a subscription purchase order on your website, now indicator is working. Thanks for the speedy access authorisation.
Ty. Any idea what the cost will be for each indi/suite after free trial?
me puedes dar acceso por favor..? Gracias!!
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