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Hey folks, I hope you are all doing well!

This is an indicator that you can use to help you to evaluate companies. There are a few things I added to the valuation table that I personally use and I will explain what they are.

I added Joel Greenblatt's ROC% because it takes Earnings before Interest and Taxes to reflect more closely what the company earns from its operations, while including the cost of depreciation/amortization of assets. A high double digit figure often means that the company has a defensible edge versus its competitors (e.g. a strong brand or a unique product). It's good for relative valuation (comparing two companies in the same industry).

I also added Donald Yacktman's forward rate of return. Yacktman defines forward rate of return as the normalized free cash flow yield plus real growth plus inflation . Unlike the Earnings Yield %, the Forward Rate of Return uses the normalized Free Cash Flow of the past seven years, and considers growth. The forward rate of return can be thought of as the return that investors buying the stock today can expect from it in the future. Yacktman’s Forward Rate of Return may or may not be a useful metric. However, it does present new ways to see and think about stocks we may want to buy.

I added a box called "real price" and that is from Peter Lynch's book, "One Up on Wall Street," where he talked about how the real price of the stock is really the current price - Net Cash Per Share.

I would also personally pair this script with TradingView's built in financial indicators that shows the revenue growth, net income, etc.

Note: the script only works on the weekly timeframe and it will take some time to load because it has a lot of data.
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I changed the yellow color to blue so that it is easier to see for the people on light mode!
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