Crypto TS - Ultimate BTCUSD

This is an "advanced" trend follower Trading system, specifically developed for Bitcoin .

In this project the strategy combines two time frames, daily and 4h bars.
Bitcoin's trend is analyzed in background with Normal candlestick and Heikin-Ashi candlestick .

The operations start from the first trading day (01/01/2017) but you can change this by the following input variables:

From Month
From Day
From Year

First trading day: 01/01/2017
Initial Capital: 1000 $
net profit: 1254 %

To use this Trading system open the BTCUSD 4h Bitfinex chart and apply this strategy.

This Trading system can be fully automated to buy and sell automatically on major exchanges.

Note di rilascio: I've added two trend line to show the logic more clearly. Short time trend line (green/red) and main trend line (lime), if the price is over the main trend line we are in trading range and the short time trend line become the threshold for the operations.

If the price is below the main trend line we are flat.
Note di rilascio: Solved a repainting issue
Note di rilascio: Set initial capital = 1000
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Can I have access?
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Can I have access?
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