Apple Signals based on Bottom Top Finder indicator

Greetings from the Cryptorhythms Team!

I didnt want our name to fool anyone - our indicators are perfectly suited for applying to stocks, forex, commodities , gold , oil , etc. Using Bottom Top Finder on the daily timeframe for Apple , gave you ample opportunities to get in before the massive bull run that started last year. Even if you missed that entry point... the indicator gave wonderful signals for a late entry as well.

Historically Apple price has dipped prior to earnings and with a declining RSI and volume , I suspect we will see a small correction to support around $200-$205. Once in this range we will await the bottom signal and enter long. As always, keep an eye on the news as this can influence things greatly (for instance if the trade war negatively effects supply chains). Overall Apple is still a good stock if you have a nice entry for a longer term hold.

The major long term buy signal was given in April-May 2016, and so we plotted a few potential returns off that signal. This is to show how long you held the stock compared to your returns. The total return if you were still holding it is over 151%. Even if you were day trading the stock over this period the gains were constant and respectable ranging from 10-30% per trade!

Please join us in our telegram channel linked below to chat, or get detailed PDF instructions for the indicators usage. We offer free 3 day trials if you are interested (and we are currently running a 25% off sale)! No subscriptions - you buy the indicator it is yours for life!

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