Can AGCO rise another 3%

NYSE:AGCO   AGCO Corporation
At Friday's opening, AGCO rose significantly. By the close of the first two hour bar that morning, 4 of my trading algorithms signaled BUY. Normally such quick movement would trigger a SELL. After studying this event and the algorithms, it looks like squeezing a few more percent out of this rise is possible.

The rarest of my triggers is the Precise signal but it has the strongest accuracy rate of all my algorithms. When all 4 of these trigger a BUY at the same time, the stock has always risen. The smallest rise when all 4 trigger is 0.796% and that occurred on the very next bar. The stock then dropped 4% afterward.

The average and median gain from this point are above 3.2% from the closing price causing the BUY signal. Most of the time, the stock briefly drops 0.7% before completing its 3% gain. The typical period of this delay in upward price movement is likely over and the stock did not drop the full 0.7%. So the question is where does it go from here?

In the short-term, it should climb above $128 which is still a significant move. I have plotted all of the models on this chart to include the bounce down and their target tops.

Let me know what you think

All forecasts are based on analysis of past behavior. Prior movements are not always indicative of future movement. Develop the theory, test the theory. Do your own research. Nothing in this analysis constitutes advice. YouTube For More. Good luck!!
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