Bitcoin - Analysis of 7/27/2021

Medium-term operation (10-20 days with Daily candles)

The Algotrading Multiday system is long since July 26, 2021 from 37276.6

position performance: -0.70%
YTD performance: 53.38%
1 year performance: 74.72%

At the end of the day: keep

Graphic Analysis

Yesterday candlestick with very high highs (punctured both the EMA 200 and the 40300 resistance) the close was very far from the highs, but in any case above the 36800 support
At the moment the uptrend remains confirmed, at least as long as the prices remain above the EMA 50 in close.


1st 36800
2nd EMA 50


1st Ema 200
2nd 40328

I recommend observing, discussing, Like if you like, but as always, always use your head for operations !!

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