Ciao a tutti, il DAX in questo periodo si muove in modo propulsivo nel vero senso della parola. Qualche tempo fa avevo postato un' analisi che si è rilevata non esatta, ma questo fa parte del trading, ma questa sembra aver preso la strada giusta. Teoricamente il movimento rialzista dovrebbe attestarsi a quota 14275.3 finendo la propulsione delle Onde Intermedie e poi ritracciare, vedremo poi.
Questa è un'analisi e non un segnale operativo, chi lo farà sarà solo sotto la sua responsabilità. Buon trade a tutti


Momentum grows for another grand coalition in Germany

Social Democrats will likely approve a renewed coalition with Angela Merkel's conservatives, a member of the party's executive leadership said
Niels Annen called for quick action to form a new German government
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@SwissView, Thank you for your precious information ;D

'Stealth hedging' shows investors not so complacent

Some investors warn that heightened reliance on strategies that profit from continued calm in stocks, and months of frustration over hedges that have gone to waste while the market powered on, have left the market extremely vulnerable to a shock.
Boom-time complacency should top the worry list for investors, according to participants in the recent Reuters Global Investment 2018 Outlook Summit in New York. The options market, however, suggests that investors are not as vulnerable to a sell-off in stocks as the anemic level of the VIX would suggest, analysts said.

For instance, for the S&P 500 index options, there are 2.1 puts open for each open call contract, close to the most defensive this measure has been over the last five years, according to options analytics firm Trade Alert data.
Hello Roberto, there are just a few traders on trading view talking open about the DAX. Just a few trader publishing the DAX might go up or higher.

So let me give you some more additional informations:

Check this chart please: https://Multimedia/2017/11/03/Photos/NS/MW-FX697_DBRece_20171103161701_NS.png?uuid=f3854c3a-c0d3-11e7-8150-9c8e992d421e

The chart is showing you, that never before the number of Countries having a recession is low like in 2017. Sue Chang has an excellent record on phantastic analysis. So read this and feel supported in your view that the DAX might go up and not "crash" like widely anticipated.

Five important reasons why a stampede into stocks may be just getting started

Regards from Zürich,

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Hi, thank you for the additional information you sent me.

If all that is written is the foreseeable future of the market, that on DAX is nothing more than Wave 1.

All Indices, according to the "guru", should go far beyond expectations, although for the Cycle we are at the end of the bull market.

The downward trend is commensurate with the relative strength of the price and that the withdrawal will not be very marked.

I still regret for all the information.

The first link does not work

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@roberto_paolo, very sorry about the first link. You find the chart in Sue Changs analysis. If you mean "Guru" for Sue Chang - she is not a Guru. But she is realy pricese in detecting issues moving the markets later. Anyway: The markets might go far ahead about that what the majority of traders are expeciting right now. Until now you are just one of a very few one expecting the DAX to rise straight to 14.200 points. I agree with this and for me it is a gread pleasure to support your view. I know that chatrooms discussing a sticts bearish bias mostly or maybe only. Thisfore i hope you feel well about getting some support. Have great day and lets stay in touch to follow up if the DAX can make it.
Hello Roberto,

keep an eye on this:

Is the strong upsidemomentum just limited on the Dow Jones and the DAX Index?

So lets check the MSAW World Index:

What is the ACWI?

MSCI ACWI Indexes offer a modern, seamless, and fully integrated approach to measuring the full equity opportunity set with no gaps or overlaps. MSCI ACWI represents the Modern Index Strategy and captures all sources of equity returns in 23 developed and 24 emerging markets.

ACWI, daily:

ACWI, monthly:

Cls.: Clear, strong momentum. Clear break of a multi year resistance. The DAX momentum should continue or accelerate. If ever there is no negative major event you are probably right with your trading idea.

I´ll keep you updated. If you see something simuilar, keep me please updated here or by PM. Have time, Roberto.

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@SwissView, thanks for the like! Unfortunately, I don't speak German, but I have very good translators :D
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Hello Roberto, i will try to give you additional informations. is, as i know, the largest website for stockmarket history. Thisfore we could look arround and check who is "long" the german stockmarket. After approaching new record lewes every should be, right? But this doesn´t occur. Sentiment is still not bullish. If you dont mind i will add some interesting point of view.

Right now technical indicators are missleading. For my opinion what is working still is the sentiment view. In USA Sentiment is turning more and more bullish. But for the DAX it isn´t. Even it might become it will not call the end of the bullmarket. This bullmarket has startet - right now.

I keep you updated -. if you don´t mind.

Regards from Zürich, Switzerland,