Bottom Finder Indicator May trades DGB

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Bottom Finder made many good trades on the month of may on DGB . With the hard fork coming up June 21st, I suggest buying in soon. You will get a bump in price appreciation from people buying into the soft fork. Plus keep your DGB off exchange in wallet, and you will receive "free" coins from the hardfork as well! For this reason I suggest buying and holding some DGB , and feel the medium term outlook is good for the coin.

With a signal from Bottom Finder just in, its a great time to enter.
Commento: Everyone please excuse the info about the coins. There are no coins with this fork, my deepest apologies. To modernize an old adage... "Google Twice, Blog Once," my bad guys!
they announced no free coins rt fork action.
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theheirophant CandorWithOckander
@CandorWithOckander, @honeynarang Updated initial idea. Thanks for catching that guys. Appreciated.
there are no free coins because of hard fork..its just some changes in dgb mining algorithm to maintain GPU friendliness dude...but I agree with your point in buying dgb as its the most undervalued crypto project as of now which can give returns upto 100x...just wait for mass adoption and it will explode anytime this year..have a good day
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If you would like trial access to BottomFinder just like and follow! I will get you setup shortly.
"Soft fork" should be HARD fork! Sorry about that missed it and cant edit anymore.
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