Lisk Might Be Getting Ready To Bounce (Analysis)

BITTREX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
I am looking at the Lisk chart, on the suggestion of one of our followers and it looks interesting.

We have Lisk ( LSKBTC ) now trading within a strong demand some back from April 2017. I am mentioning this because there are high probabilities of Lisk bouncing here, especially when you look at how the altcoins market is doing.

Other than speculation, I can see strong bullish divergence showing up on the MACD (blue arrow), and the RSI is already near oversold. Last time it bounced from these low levels it had a 96% move, this time it can be much bigger.

For this scenario to happen some conditions are needed first, or better yet, there are some signals that we can look for to confirm that a bounce is indeed happening and a move up will come.

  • Look for a noticeable increase in trading volume , as well as a break and close above EMA10. These two simple signals can tell us that the move is already on. In the meantime, we are already active in trading this coin.

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Thanks a lot for reading.

Wishing you a great weekend.
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Commento: Message from our Lisk trade:


The more you try the more you get.

Results will vary from day to day.

Something good can go bad.

Anything bad can be solved.

Regardless of what problem you are facing.

Your Spirit will continue to grow… More and more.

Commento: +24.6%. More will come from Lisk (LSKBTC) in the near future.
Commento: +35%. Lots of room left available for growth.
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SDK will make it

Brother, Lisk is risky. I dumped that "thing" once I saw 2 of their Berlin conferences. IMO, a dud! I am staying away from it, and could care less about their "project". Chart might offer something, but as I said... it is risky. Possibly a pump/dump opportunity, but I wouldn't ask others for the consideration because they might get hurt, hard.
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