🔥 TRX Pumping On Zero Fee Bitcoin Trading: Great Long Term Play

Since the 22nd of March this year, the BTC/TUSD pair is tradable on Binance with zero fees. TUSD is the stable coin connected to TRX (Tron).

Ever since the zero fee trading went live, TRX has been outperforming Bitcoin by quite a margin. As seen on the chart below, the TRX/BTC pair has been pumping for weeks now, whilst the majority of tokens have been losing value against Bitcoin.

TRX is not some new hot token of the moment, so there's little reason for it to pump organically, so my assumption is that zero fee BTC/TUSD trading has increased demand for TUSD, and thus increased demand for TRX since it's an algorithmically pegged stablecoin (like LUNA and USTC).

As long as this zero fee trading is in effect, I'd wager that the demand for TRX will only increase from here, especially when the "real" bull-market will start and volume will increase next year or so.

Do you think TRX is a good long-term play, or is this pump temporary? Share your thoughts 🙏

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