🔥 CAKE = 💀

Last month I made an analysis on CAKE and the fact that it was selling off severely. My 2.50 support was the last hope for the bulls, which inevitably failed.

Fast forward to today, and we're trading at 1.50, a truly abysmal feat. Short-sellers are happy, stakers and investors are either exiting in droves or seeing their funds evaporate.

I think that there's little hope for CAKE to ever recover from this. Unless they make some drastic changes to the tokenomics of this token, I don't see it ever taking off again. Keep in mind that this is normal for a lot of tokens. The good ones survive the bear market, the bad ones die.

We might see some kind of pump occurring over the next year, but I'd be surprised if this token will go above 3.00 ever again.

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