Boring Indicator [ALERTS] [Pretty cool tho]

Umm, it's pretty boring indicator, you just buy/long when you see buy and you sell/short when you see sell.
Kinda it's like Market God indicator except that it's better and it took me like 10 minutes to figure it out.

Does it repaints?
I mean... kinda yes and kinda not, signal may start blinking but usually it stays in same place, so even if it disappers for few seconds it should come back.
If you want to be 100% sure, wait for close of candle where it appears.

* Works best on Heikin Ashi candles, so try them.
* Alerts are fine, just set them, probably you will figure out how.
* Should work on crypto mostly, probably stocks too (though remember that they are slower so try on 1day? up to you)
* Should work on any timeframe but 45m BITMEX:ETHUSD is nice for me and I trade there, consider that market doesn't moves 1435236 dollars every candle so well, its better if you wait on longer candle than try to trade on 1m.

If you want to give me some more money for energy drinks and pizza:
BTC address: 3BMEXhXUAFj39D799zzfU1UAhx4NYSqCog

Oh and share it to friends and family.
Note di rilascio: Removed some settings for public version.
Note di rilascio: Fixed description and changed category
Note di rilascio: Noticed a small bug but not really fixing since its public version
Note di rilascio: Less noise
Note di rilascio: Basic noise filter in settings, play between 0.75 and 5
Note di rilascio: Correction filter added, default noise filter value change, remember those are floats so you can use .x
Note di rilascio: Fall/Rise filter, I'm out of energy drinks, send help.
Note di rilascio: Settings order change and boring stuff. #sendEnergyDrinks
Note di rilascio: Boring filter addition (not the newest one but maybe someone will find use)
Also made Discord if anyone needs support or just wants to talk randomly: https://discord.gg/WwShVkF
Note di rilascio: One alert for Buy/Sell option for people with Free TV accounts. Set "Buy/Sell Alert" for both if you want so.
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Can We buy using 45 minute time frame and sell using 1 hour timeframe? (using bots)
@sheafril, if you setup bot this way then sure why not? Although its an indicator and not automated strategy so I'd recommend watching over your trades yourself.
sheafril i_am_emilia
@i_am_emilia, thank you for your prompt response...and i really appreciate you sharing this with us.
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Have you tested it with altcoins?
@noobs, it works on every chart, doesn't matters if altcoins or stocks.
Taking this for a test spin and if it doesn't end up repainting... this is a nice share. Jury is still out though.
i_am_emilia HugCapital
@HugCapital, It won't repaint any past signals I guarantee. When new signal appears, to be 100% sure you can wait for candle close, after that It definitely won't disappear or move. Though most of time its enough to actually wait few minutes or so (depending on interval, sometimes more) and nothing should change.
I mostly open my position when it shows up. Currently I trade on 15m interval and I don't really wait for any candle close.

Also remember that it's an indicator, not automated strategy, some trading knowledge can be very useful :)
HugCapital i_am_emilia
@i_am_emilia, Yeah it will be used properly and what you're basically saying is that it's like a PPO indicator. It only fully paints once the candle is closed and confirms. Like I said, I'll give a test spin. Seems to be pretty close with my star right now. Nice work!
i_am_emilia HugCapital
@HugCapital, Thanks! Yes, confirmation is on candle close, but I never waited so long myself :P
Good confirmation can be also looking at higher interval, mostly it directs global trend.
Remember to use it on HA candles since it can have completely different signals on normal ones, I implemented switch between candles only in my private version so this one lacks it.
HugCapital i_am_emilia
@i_am_emilia, IT actually runs pretty close on standard candles on the 7mins for Scalping. Not a fan of HA candles , but I like the indicator :D
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