Engulfing H4 + Filter

I realized this indicator to facilitate the Backtesting operations.
The indicator autonomously detects the Engulfings to which filters can be placed. The available filters are:

- ATR (discards Engulfings which do not have a body greater than or equal to the value of ATR)
-SWING(SWING filter, the indicator ensures that the Engulfing minimum/maximum must be the absolute minimum/maximum with respect to the number of spark plugs selected in the settings)
- L3C/H3C (discards Engulfings that do not form an L3C or H3C)
- RSI (Discards Engulfing that is not in overbought/oversold in the first pattern candle)

In addition, the indicator draws 4 lines (2 for bullish Engulfings and 2 for bearish Engulfings) which are SL and TP.
The Stop Loss is calculated an ATR below/above the swing generated by the two Engulfing spark plugs and the Take Profit is calculated according to the return risk set in the indicator, which is 1.5 by default.
Note di rilascio: Code Updated
Note di rilascio: Correct part of the code. Now the SL and TP lines are calculated correctly on all time frames and the indicator can be used for the periods you prefer.
Note di rilascio: Changed the display graphics of SL and TP.
Note di rilascio: Correction Code
Note di rilascio: Correction Code
Note di rilascio: The possibility of inserting stop loss pips manually has been implemented.
Note di rilascio: Correction Code
Note di rilascio: Correction Code
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Please allow access to me, thanks!
Hello, can you allow access to see the effect, and then decide whether to start according to the effect, just a few days, thank you