Pinbar MTF + Filter

I realized this indicator to facilitate the Backtesting operations.
The indicator autonomously detects the Pinbars to which filters can be placed. The available filters are:

- ATR (discards Pinbar which do not have a range greater than or equal to the value of ATR)
-SWING(SWING filter, the indicator ensures that Pinbar low/high must be the absolute low/high respect to the number of spark plugs selected in the settings)
- RSI (Discards Engulfing that is not in overbought/oversold in the pinbar candle)

In addition, the indicator draws 4 lines (2 for bullish Pinbars and 2 for bearish Pinbars) which are SL and TP.
The Stop Loss is calculated an ATR below/above the swing generated by the Pinbar spark plugs and the Take Profit is calculated according to the return risk set in the indicator, which is 1 by default.
Note di rilascio: Correction Code
Note di rilascio: Correction Code
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