2 Emas and RSI simple system (Malverti) - long only

This system originates from many articles by Enrico Malverti on 2015, 09 : "i-trading-systems-parte-5".
Many trading systems are more stable if you use simple and not so innovative indicators, like exponential moving averages and Relative Strengthe index.
Differently by the original article:
- there is no ATR Filter, but we have introduced a Schaff Indicator. If you have multiple shares/ commodities to choose, prefer what has a better value of Schaff;
- there is no fixed stop loss but a second moving average (fast), used as target. There are also Emas on lows (trailing stop loss for long) and a Emas on highs (trailing stop loss for short position).

Be careful, in the system only long case, because being short is not the reverse of being long (also indicators have a different behaviour - sauciusfinance altervista: see article: why-going-short-is-immoral-and-dangerous)
Emas oh highs are only graphically put.

BUY when prices crosses over Ema on long period (we suggest, however, Ema long = Ema fast period = no. 14)

SELL when
- prices go under Ema on lows (7 period), or under on Ema fast!
- RSI crosses under level 70 or is higher than 75 (or 80, but in code there is 75)
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