WaveTrend Oscillator [Krypt]

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This is similar to regular WaveTrend Oscillator except:

- replaces hlc3 input with a weighted log formula for better stability/performance on high volatility charts
- zero-centered scaling
- SMA crossovers above and below OB/OS thresholds are marked as buy/sell signals
Sep 23
Note di rilascio: Use SMA curvature information to filter out buy/sell signals likely to be false positives
Sep 23
Note di rilascio: Rename some chart objects
Sep 24
Note di rilascio: Long/Short signal now captures some cases of bullish and bearish divergences
Sep 25
Note di rilascio: Use extra signal smoothing and extra momentum check for curvature
Sep 29
Note di rilascio: improve buy/sell signals
Sep 29
Note di rilascio: don't make helper elements editable
Oct 18
Note di rilascio: start drawing signal earlier, perform averaging on cross steps for more stable bullish/bearish divergence detection
Oct 20
Note di rilascio: use a 1+2 formula for curvature
Nov 16
Note di rilascio: Default to lower smoothing to still show something on the chart in the beginning
Nov 17
Note di rilascio: switch back to 4 for default SMA length
Nov 18
Note di rilascio: Improve sensitivity in the beginning of the chart
Nov 18
Note di rilascio: add comment
Nov 19
Note di rilascio: Replace final EMA smoother with Ehlers' smoother for higher sensitivity
Nov 21
Note di rilascio: Ignore first candle
Nov 22
Note di rilascio: reduce default smoothing slightly and allow zero smoothing
Dec 09
Note di rilascio: do not count MA cross above overbought level as bottom, and likewise do not count count MA cross below oversold level as top.
Jan 19
Note di rilascio: Simplify generation of buy/sell signals
Jan 21
Note di rilascio: fix how continues climb/descent is determined
Jan 21
Note di rilascio: detect hidden divergences
Jan 24
Note di rilascio: Update colors to make this indicator suitable for either light or dark T/V color modes
Jan 24
Note di rilascio: quantitatively weigh bullish and bearish signals
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Great! Definitely will be adding this to my standard toolset.
This is by far one of the best wave Trend tools I've used - Thank you !
What would be the best way to set up an alert for when the overbought level is reached and/or the cross occurs?
Hi, is there a way for me to test this as a buy/sell strategy instead of as a study? Very interested! Have been trying but having problems closing the positions. Thanks!
This is great! Thank you.
good!! Thanks!
thanks a lot for sharing, it was very helpful.I am looking forward to use this in the near future when the market goes back to "normal".
Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. If you're ever so inclined, I'd be really interested to have a version of this script that allows backtesting...or I better start learning to code myself :)
Looks awesome! Thank you. Any idea how to get this in Coinigy? They utilize TradingView charting, after all. Or, if not, what would be the closest WaveTrend Oscillator to yours?

fskrypt El-Miguel
@El-Miguel, You have to send them the code and they will add it themselves (if they like it). Coinigy doesn't currently support user-created scripts.
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