Gleeson Trend Tracker (GTT) Indicator

Comprehensive Trend Trading System Indicator made up of the four components to help you successfully trade market trends:

  • Entry Signals (Green & Red Arrows)
    The entry arrows indicate entry conditions are present. Green for long entries and red for short entries. If you already in position in the direction of an entry signal, ignore it. Switch to position maintenance mode for that market once trading a market.
  • Current Trend Status Channels (Red/Green Overlay)
    The channel overlay is intended to indicate whether the market has recently trended up/down. Green if moving higher, Red if moving Lower. Channels make it easier to visualise current & previous price trajectory.
  • On Close Stop Loss (OCSL) / Price Average (40 MA) Blue line
    This acts both as the "line in the sand" in relation to trend direction but also importantly as your (OCSL) or sometimes also known as mental stop. If price closes beyond this line in the opposite direction to your position, exit the position. It's important to wait for price to close (this methodology works best on weekly charts so make entry & exit decisions when the market is closed). This method works best if you risk 1% per trade using the distance from entry price to the OCSL as your pre-defined risk, back-analysis confirms this.
  • Hard Stop Loss Red line
    This line is your circuit breaker intended to protect your capital from sudden adverse moves. This line serves as the price for your fixed or hard stop loss point that should be entered with the order. The formula behind this line is risk * 2 (so 2% if you risk 1% between entry price and OCSL). HSL is your safety net, always use it.

Some other advice on how to trade this methodology:
  • Analysis Sunday, entries & exits Monday (so you can also have a life)
  • Do not pyramid with this system, it works best with individual entries spread across a range of markets including FX, Indices, Commodities and Interest Rates.
  • Risk only 1% per trade
  • This methodology works best over weekly/monthly charts. You want to capture moves that last weeks/months/years. I would not advise day trading this system.

If you have any feedback or need further help, email me at me@jackgleeson.co.uk

Good Luck!
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Hello Jack, Nice indicator!

For the Hard Stop Loss "Red" line - Is it the ORANGE line?
JackGleeson aaron.remski
@aaron.remski, Hi Arron, yes it appears so!

It does have the `color=red` flag added to the plot but for some reason, it's come out orange. Sorry if that is confusing.
JackGleeson aaron.remski
@aaron.remski, I've contacted tradingview to see if I can have it corrected and also added some extra details I missed out on how to trade the indicator
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