MAs & RSI strategy long only

This system originates from many articles by Enrico Malverti, Trading System, 2015.
Many trading systems are more stable if you use simple and not so innovative indicators, like exponential moving averages and Relative Strengthe index.
Differently by the original article:
- there is no ATR Filter, but we have introduced a Schaff Indicator. If you have multiple shares/ commodities to choose, prefer what has a better value of Schaff;
- there is no fixed stop loss but a second moving average (fast), used as target. There are also Simple Mov Averages on lows (trailing stop loss for long) and a SMA on highs (trailing stop loss for short position).

Be careful, in the system only long case, because being short is not the reverse of being long (as stated in my blog)
SMA on highs are therefore only graphically put.

In this version, I’ve changed the “religious” use of EMAs (“sponsored by” Alexander Elder) to “ordinary” MAs: this because since simple moving averages measure all the factor in addition egual each one, this involve a sort of “offset” in the graph, while EMAs give a major “importance” to the last value (last close itself, you’re already considering): therefore this calculation may be counterproductive.

BUY when prices crosses over SMAon long period (we suggest, however, sma long = Sma fast period = no. 11 for italian and european shares)
SELL when
prices go under SMA on lows (7 period), or under on SMA fast!
RSI crosses under level 70 or is higher than 75 (or 80, but in code there is 75)
Script open-source

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