Elliott Wave View: Dow Jones Futures Correction to Find Buyers

Elliott wave view in Dow Jones Futures (YM_F) suggests that the decline to 24604 ended wave ((W)) on June 3. This decline ended the cycle from May 1 high as a 3 waves zigzag Elliott Wave structure. Wave ((X)) bounce is currently in progress to correct the cycle from May 1 high in 3, 7, or 11 swing. The internal of wave ((X)) rally is unfolding as a zigzag Elliott Wave structure. A zigzag is an ABC with 5-3-5 structure. Wave (A) of ((X)) is now in progress as a 5 waves impulse.

Up from 24604, wave 1 ended at 24938 and wave 2 pullback ended at 24684. Rally then resumes in wave 3 to 26085, wave 4 ended at 25974, and wave 5 ended at 26289. The 5 waves move higher ended wave (A) of higher degree. Short term, Index is in wave B pullback to correct cycle from June 3 low (24604) in 3, 7, or 11 swing before turning higher again in wave (C). We don’t like selling the Index. As the rally from June 3 low is impulsive, expect wave (B) pullback to hold above 24604 for at least 1 more push higher in wave (C).
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