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The Crypto Frog uses its Ichimoku Analysis Process with its toolset by looking at a glance at the BINANCE:BTCUSDT Daily chart using the “Crypto Market Settings” for the indicator as 10-30-60-30:

Macro Trend Analysis using Kumo:
  • Tendency: The downtrend of BTC continues as confirmed by Kumo which changed its trend 23 days ago.
    As confirmed by Senkou Span B, Senkou Span A and price we are a sideways moment.
    Medium term continues to be downtrend as confirmed by Kijun, Chioku.
    Short term there is an uptrend desire given by a daily candle that overcame the Kijun weekly and closed on the Kijun Daily, after overcoming the Tenkan daily. Now there is a further retracement where the Tenkan is acting as a price support.
  • Price: The price is under the red Kumo and Chikou is under the price.
Supports and Resistances in the area:
  • 75000.00 by Fibonacci
  • 67000.00 by Historical Maximum (too much precise)
  • 66001.41 by All-time-high Chikou
  • 58000.00 strong price structure by flat lines
  • 53800.00-54000 strong price structure by flat lines
  • 48900 Kijun Weekly
  • 48900 Kijun Weekly
  • 45150 from Ichimoku Flat areas/Chikou Cusps
For the various static price structures it is possible to refer to the chart where the structures identified by the flat moments of Tenkan, Kijun, Senkou Span A and Senkou Span B on different timeframes are plotted, also Chikou price for the Current timeframe.

Moreover, let us remember that the various lines of the Ichimoku serve as price structures: the Tenkan Sen (short term), the Kijun Sen (medium term) as well as the Senkou Span A and Senkou Span B (long term).

The Heikih-Ashi confirms the uptrend desire with some red candles without shadows on the bottom.

CryptoFall, which identifies Fibonacci levels, still shows us a positive sentiment and places the 0 upwards on 75000.

The price is testing the 0.5 level, after the bounce on 0.618.

The price is now showing a potential recovery as it is surpassing the Kinjun Weekly and Tenkan Daily, a closure between these levels can help to find the point C we’re looking for. Maximum caution is needed with the confirmation of Daily, Weekly closure and confirmation.

It is important to evaluate the closing of the week on the following price structures:
Bullish 51800-52600
Sideways 49100
Bearish 45100-46100

It will be interesting to consider as a new point C the low of December 4th in the potential rebound using as A the low of September 21st and as B the all-time-high of December 10th. It can form at a good buy signal even if it can be already activated for some traders.

For the Bitcoin Dominance and Altcoin Cycle we can consider the Weekly momentum:
- Total Crypto Market Cap: Increased
- Dominance of BTC: Decreased
- Price of BTC: Increased
- Alt Cycle Expectation: Increase

Thanks for your attention, happy to support the TradingView community.

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